Lianne Merchant for

New Rochelle City Council District 3


Hi, I'm Lianne Merchant, and I'm running to represent District 3 on the New Rochelle City Council. I've been a resident of the District 3 community for over 34 years and am committed to serving our families and children. 

New Rochelle's future relies on continuous growth to ensure opportunities for our young people to learn, live, and thrive in our communities and for families to access services, reliable infrastructure, and sustainable environments. This is possible and essential; it begins with knowledgeable and capable leadership.

Visit the About page to learn more about me and what I know we can accomplish together when you elect me as your City Council representative  for District 3.


Why I am Running for City Council

Leading from the Heart

I am running for the District 3 seat on the New Rochelle City Council because I genuinely love my community and am proud to be a resident of District 3. Improving the lives of our students and children lies at the heart of my commitment to servant leadership and is reflected in my earlier work with the New Rochelle Board of Education. I know firsthand that wonderful things happen for children and their families when we create programs that enrich our students' education and enhance their life experiences. For example, teaching financial literacy can be a generational game changer as children share what they learn with their parents and bring that financial knowledge into adulthood, establishing healthy financial habits early that are later passed along to their children.

District 3 at the Center

District 3 is geographically situated in the center of the city – at its heart – where there is a real need for a more equitable allocation of resources. Achieving this reallocation begins with leadership that is passionate and invested in the community. As your District 3 City Council representative I will listen to our citizenry, prioritize our community's needs, and work diligently to bring access, commerce, and affordable housing to New Rochelle to create an economy, community, and future in which we can all participate.


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New Rochelle City Council District 3

November 7, 2023